Industrial Block Saws

Industrial block saws are used to trim and size blocks of material, such as rigid foam, insulation, high & low density materials. Other materials we have cut include: wool, panel, plastic, and plywood. This is often the first step in producing pipe half rounds or curved sidewall segments. Block saws can also be used to produce sheets of material from blocks.

Forrest Manufacturing has a variety of industrial block saws for various applications, but Forrest can also build a custom block saw machine for whatever requirements you have.

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Block Saw Models:

  • Model 236

    Block Saw Model 236

    A vertical blade bandsaw designed to rapidly and accurately cut a wide range of low and medium density materials. Table surface is durable 12 Ga. Steel.

    Model 236
  • Model 480

    Block Saw Model 480

    An affordable horizontal blade bandsaw for rapidly cutting sheets from blocks of insulation or other lightweight materials.

    Model 480
  • Model 480M

    Block Saw Model 480M

    Built to customer's specifications, the Model 480M is designed to quickly square, trim, and cut sheets from large blocks of rigid foam, insulation, or other low density material.

    Model 480M
  • Model 2054

    Block Saw Model 2054

    This vertical blade bandsaw employs a rail mounted moving table which allows for straight cuts, even with heavy or awkward pieces.

    Model 2054