Bandsaw Dust Collection System

The Bandsaw Dust Collection System (Model 989) is designed primarily to remove the dust generated by Forrest Mfg. Co. industrial bandsaws as the dust is created. All Forrest saws include a standard bandsaw dust collection nozzle and connection point to work with the Model 989. With the addition of the Model 991 Caster Wheel Wagon and the Model 992 Clean-Up Kit, the Model 989 bandsaw dust collection system can be used as an extremely powerful general purpose shop vacuum.

Bandsaw Dust Collection Demonstration

  • Bandsaw Dust Collection System
    Model 989 Bandsaw Dust Collection System with Option
    Model 991 Caster Wheel Wagon
  • bandsaw dust collection system nozzle
    Model 992 Cleanup Kit

Features of Forrest's Bandsaw Dust Collection System:

  • Very powerful 2-1/4 Hp suction motor.
  • Up to 184 cubic feet per minute airflow and up to 51 inches of static water lift.
  • Connectors and 10 feet of hose for use with all Forrest Mfg. Co. Bandsaws.
  • Very large capacity for storing collected material.
  • Muffler on output to keep workplace relatively quiet.
  • Motor runs on standard 115 Volt 60 Hz AC wall plug power and draws 15 amps. Also available for 230 Volt single phase.

Note: User must supply two 55 gallon drums to set up the Model 989.

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