Vertical Fitting Saws - Insulation Fitting Saws

Forrest Fitting Saws are designed with special tooling and fixtures to assist insulation fabricators to rapidly and accurately produce complex insulation shapes such as mitered elbows, tees, wyes, and valve body covers.

All Forrest Fitting Saws include special tooling to speed the production of common insulation shapes such as elbows and tees. Use of this tooling is illustrated here.

  • Model 204

    Vertical Fitting Saw Model 204

    A versatile vertical blade bandsaw designed to cut low and medium density materials such as insulation, rigid foams, honeycomb materials, refractory materials, plastic pipe.

    Model 204
  • Model 214

    Vertical Fitting Saw Model 214

    A vertical blade bandsaw whose saw head tilts, allowing the blade to cut at any angle from vertical to 22-1/2° off vertical.

    Model 214
  • Model 230

    Vertical Fitting Saw Model 230

    Vertical blade bandsaw with bearing mounted moving table allows for straight cuts even with heavy or awkward pieces.

    Model 230
  • Model 236

    Vertical Fitting Saw Model 236

    A Vertical blade bandsaw designed to rapidly and accurately cut a wide range of low and medium density materials. Table surface is durable 12 Ga. Steel.

    Model 236
  • Type B2

    Tilting Head Saw Model B2

    A tilting head saw is a medium sized high speed bandsaw with 14-inch blade wheels which support up to 3/4-inch wide cutting or slicing type blades.

    Type B2

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