Vertical Fitting Saw Model 236 Heavy

The Vertical Fitting Saw Model 236 is a versatile heavy duty vertical bandsaw designed to rapidly and accurately cut a wide range of low and medium density materials such as insulation, rigid foams, honeycomb materials, refractory materials, plastic pipe, and a wide range of other industrial products.

Fitting Saw with Rail Mounted Table

The “Heavy" version of the Model 236 adds a rail mounted table, rated for up to 800 pound workpieces. The standard table is a cantilever design rated for 350 pounds.

Available as options for the heavy table are a precision workpiece positioning fence, powered table drive, extended width and stroke tables, and precision table tracking.

The rail mounted table uses 3" square tubing both to support and guide the table. With carefully selected tubing used for the rails, Forrest rail mounted tables have a travel deviation of less than 1/8" for 125" stroke tables. The deviation is proportionately less for shorter table strokes.

For applications requiring very straight cuts Forrest offers a precision table tracking option. This option replaces the casters and guide rollers on the guide rail only with precision linear bearings, providing a trueness of table travel of 0.002 inches per foot.

  • Cast aluminum 14 inch diameter wheels with vulcanized rubber tires.
  • 2 Hp 3 phase 230 or 460 volt brake motor controlled with a magnetic starter.
  • 3000 feet per minute blade speed.
  • Up to 3/4" wide blades, either hook tooth or knife edge style.
  • 36 inch working blade length, 39 inch horizontal throat, 75" or 100" table stroke.
  • Standard carbide or optional roller type blade guides
  • Reliable screw over spring blade tensioning.
Available Options:
  • 75", 100", or 125" table stroke
  • 76", 113", or 150" table width

Designed to work with Forrest Model 989 Dust Collection System

Please see individual data sheets for information on the precision fence and powered table drive.

Shipping Information:
  • Weights and dimensions vary depending on the options selected, but all versions can be shipped by LTL carrier.

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