Magnum Horizontal Bandsaw

Our High Capacity Bandsaw

The Magnum Horizontal Bandsaw is designed for cutting sheets off large, heavy blocks of material such as urethane, balsa, and other medium density materials. This is our heavy duty bandsaw that can handle tough to cut materials at a high capacity.

The Magnum Horizontal saw is fully automatic. The operator programs in the thickness and quantity of sheets to be cut, presses the “START” button, then removes the cut pieces as the saw automatically coordinates the movement of the saw head and workpiece support table.

All of our Magnum saws are custom horizontal bandsaws built to order, so working dimensions and features are specified for the customer’s application.

This is just one of the many bandsaws available from Forrest Manufacturing. Forrest has a line of vertical bandsaws, horizontal bandsaws & block saws. You also get a fully custom bandsaw from Forrest.

  • 30 inch blade wheels allow use of up to 1-1/2 inch wide blade.
  • Standard cutting width 50 inches. Larger sizes available.
  • Fully automatic coordinated motion controls including blade breakage detector and other safety features.
  • Precision ballscrew head raise mechanism with safety brake.
  • Horizontal Saw head and table sized per application.
  • Multiple dust collection points for collecting produced dust.
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