Manual Sheet Metal Roller Models 137 & 149

Forrest Manufacturing's manual sheet metal and jacketing rollers are an effective and economical way to form smaller sizes of aluminum and stainless steel jacketing. Our manual sheet metal rollers are designed with special features for insulation fabricators and contractors. Feed guides channel the material into the forming rollers. All of our manual jacketing rollers are gear-driven, assuring positive metal pick up. The rollers themselves are a special stress proof steel which have been ground and polished to prevent marking of your material. The kickout plate prevents the material from wrapping around the forming roll. The frame and end blocks are made from aluminum to keep the weight low; a great benefit when carrying the roller to a job site.

Metal Roller Demonstration Video:


  • Material capacity 0.024 inch thick.
  • Minimum formed diameter 3 inches.
  • All three rollers are positively driven with gears.
  • Feed plates easily direct material into rollers for fast operation.
  • Kickout plate easily prevents material from wrapping around forming roller and jamming operation.
  • Adjustable formed diameter with lockable adjustment screws.
  • Pinch roller diameter is 1.75 inches, other rollers are 2.125 inches.
Available Options:
Shipping Information:
Model Roller Length (in) Shipping Dimensions (in) Shipping Weight
137 37 16 W x 16 H x 48 L 220
149 49 16 W x 16 H x 60 L 290

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