Radius Cutting Bandsaw Model 103

The Radius Cutting Bandsaw Model 103 is designed for fabricating pipe insulation half-rounds from stock material. It uses a high speed bandsaw and special workholding fixtures to make radius cuts on prepared blocks of insulation material. A gauging system keyed to standard pipe and copper tubing sizes calibrates the saw for easy setup and accurate cuts.

The extended size version of the Model 103 adds the capability to cut curved sidewall segments up to 168 inches in diameter.

Updated and complete documentation clearly shows how to use the saw for rapid and efficient production and details all maintenance tasks.

For material preparation Forrest Mfg. Co. suggests the Model 236 Fitting and Block Saw and the Model 308 Grinder/Router.

short radius cutting bandsaw

Short Radius Sidewall Basket

Model 103 Radius Cutting Bandsaw

Long Radius Sidewall Basket

  • Minimum radius cut 2-1/2 IPS (2.625 inch)
  • Maximum pipe covering size 60 inches diameter. 
  • Maximum pipe covering length 40 inches. 
  • Optional sidewall cutting attachments for cutting diameters up to 168 inches. 
  • Vacuum and mechanical work holding mandrels for pipe covering. 
  • 2 Hp blade motor with variable speed drive, (3/60/230-460 volts).
  • Multiple dust collection points for collecting insulation dust.
Available Options:
  • Custom sized mandrels.
  • Custom gauging systems
  • Extended length bed
  • Non-standard electrical requirements
Shipping Information:
  • Weight, Standard: 1,700 pounds
  • Weight, Extended: 1,950 pounds
  • Dimensions: 51” W x 118” L x 99” H

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