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For more than 50 years Forrest has designed and built specialty bandsaws and sheet metal fabrication equipment for the insulation fabrication industry. Over the years, people in many other industries have found out about Forrest and asked us to build horizontal bandsaws and vertical bandsaws to cut products as diverse as plastic pipe, wallboard, vacuum formed parts, graphite blocks, cooling tower filler media, urethane, EPS, and many other light and medium density materials.

Forrest equipment is designed to be robust, reliable, and easy to maintain. Even in harsh industrial applications, Forrest equipment delivers decades of service with minimal maintenance.

If we don’t have the right piece of equipment for your job we can design and build a machine that will do exactly what you need. Forrest specializes in modifying our basic designs for special applications. We love to hear from customers who start off conversations with “you have probably never cut this before.”

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