Multi BladeBandsaw Model 480M


What is the Model 480M Multi-Blade Bandsaw?

The Multi-Blade Bandsaw Model 480M with Side Trimmers is designed to quickly square, trim, and cut sheets from large blocks of rigid foam, insulation, or other low-density materials.

480M Multi-Blade Bandsaw Features

The 480M Multi-Blade Bandsaw has three main components; the horizontal saw, the moving table, and the side trimmer saws.

The horizontal saw head has a powered, variable speed raise/lower mechanism. The height of the blade is shown in a digital read-out. The table motion is also powered with a variable speed drive.

The side trim saws are mounted on moving carriages and can be manually adjusted to make parallel cuts between 47 and 123 inches apart.

Custom Multi-Blade Block Saw

Because of its versatility to cut sheets from large blocks of material, the Model 480M Multi-Blade Saw is also considered a Multi-Blade Block Saw that is custom-built for the customer’s specific application. Saw sizing and other features and dimensions can be customized to suit the customer’s needs.

Please contact Forrest Mfg. Co. to discuss how a Model 480M can solve your largest cutting problems.

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Model 480M Block Saw

Model 480M Block Saw

Industrial Bandsaws and Metal Working Equipment for Industry


  • Horizontal slab cutting saw for trimming blocks or cutting sheets from material blocks.
  • Two vertical trimming saws to trim ends and sides of large blocks.
  • Variable speed traveling table with automatic travel stops.
  • Standard controls allow the operator to control the operation of the saws and table from the central control panel.
  • Optional controls allow fully automatic operation.
  • Operator sets the thickness and number of sheets to be cut, presses “START,” and lets the saw do the rest.

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