Electric HeatedAsphalt Pans


Forrest electric heated asphalt pans Electric Heated Asphalt Pan Models 325, 337 & 349 are specifically designed to melt and apply asphalt (tar or bitumen) as an adhesive. Asphalt is used in built-up blocks or insulation fittings, such as elbows and tees.

The motorized roller is partially submerged in the molten tar and allows the operator to safely and quickly apply a controlled thickness of tar to the workpiece. The use of electric heating avoids the fire risk of gas-fired melting pots.

Forrest Asphalt pans are available in three sizes.

Model Roller Width
Shipping Weight
Shipping Dimensions
Total Watts Amp Draw
230 Volt
1 Ph
230 Volt
3 Ph
460 Volt
3 Ph
325 25 645 44 W x 70 L x 44 H 6750 30 17 9
337 37 820 44 W x 78 L x 46 H 11250 N/A 29 15
349 49 920 44 W x 89 L x 46 H 15750 N/A 40 20
Electric Heated Asphalt Pan

Electric Heated Asphalt Pan

Forrest has extensive experience designing industrial
bandsaws for custom applications.

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  • Adjustable tar temperature
  • Independent automatic pan shutoff prevents heating beyond 500° F.
  • Control by simple on/off switch or automatic timer.
  • Independently switched motorized roller.
  • Double wall insulated body.
  • Non-standard electrical configurations available.

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