Fitting Saw Model 236


Model 236 Vertical Bandsaw

The Model 236 is our most popular vertical bandsaw for general industrial use. This bandsaw has a large throat capacity and strong 3-phase 2-horsepower motor to handle large, tough jobs. Despite its large capacity, the Model 236 is space efficient due to its 14-inch blade wheels and cantilever-mounted traveling table.

Model 236 Bandsaw Capabilities

The Model 236 vertical bandsaw is a workhorse machine for industries such as plastic pipe fabrication and all manners of plastics fabrication. This model is also referred to as a vertical block saw because it has the capability to cut a wide range of low and medium-density materials, such as rigid foam and insulation.

A bearing mounted moving table allows for straight cuts even with heavy or awkward pieces. The cantilever design of the table does away with floor mounted rails (the table surface is durable 12 Ga. Steel).

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Vertical Bandsaw Applications

HDPE polyethylene and low density foam are two of the most popular applications. It is also commonly used for rigid foam shaping and graphite shaping

Benefits of Model 236 Bandsaw

As with all Forrest equipment, Model 236 is built to be rugged, reliable, and simple to maintain, providing decades of trouble-free service. For insulation fabricators, the saw includes special fittings to speed the fabrication of elbows, tees, and other fittings.

Forrest carries a large line of vertical bandsaws, but can build a custom bandsaw specifically for your application. Contact Forrest today to get started!

Vertical Fitting Saw Model 236

Vertical Fitting Saw Model 236

Industrial Bandsaws and Metal Working Equipment for Industry

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Model 236 Bandsaw Introduction

Introduction to the Forrest Manufacturing Model 236 vertical blade traveling table bandsaw.


  • Cast aluminum 14 inch diameter wheels with vulcanized rubber tires.
  • 2 Hp 3 phase 230 or 460 volt brake motor controlled with a magnetic starter.
  • 3000 feet per minute blade speed.
  • Up to 3/4” wide blades, either hook tooth or knife edge style.
  • 36 inch working blade length, 39 inch horizontal throat, 55 table travel.
  • Carbide slider type blade guides give accurate cuts with minimal maintenance.
  • Screw over spring blade tensioning.
  • Multiple dust collection points for collecting produced dust.

Available Options

  • Larger Horsepower and variable speed drive motors.
  • Remote Start/Stop stations.
  • Roller Blade Guides.
  • Workpiece positioning fence.
  • Blade breakage detector.
  • Model 989 Dust Collection System.

Shipping Information

  • Weight, Standard: 1,350 pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions: 52” W x 82” L x 99” H

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