Foam Cutting Bandsaw


Foam Cutting Bandsaw

If you’ve ever tried to cut foam with a knife or saw, you know it’s a messy and difficult task if you don’t have the appropriate blade. However, with the right kind of bandsaw using the right kind of blade, cutting foam quickly, accurately, and without pulling will be just as easy as cutting any material with more density. 

Forrest Manufacturing has more than 50 years of experience producing foam cutting bandasws, particularly for cutting low to medium-density materials.

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“Slicing” vs “Cutting”

Different types of blades are suited for different types of foam. Depending on the density and firmness of the foam, different edge types are more appropriate. Lower-density foam can be cut cleanly and dust-free with a “slicing” blade, while higher-density foam will require a more conventional “cutting” blade. 

“Slicing” blades part the foam, producing very clean cuts and virtually no dust.  Other parameters are also important, such as cutting speed.  If this seems like a lot to keep in mind, don’t worry, we’ll take care of the details. 

Your Foam Cutting Bandsaw partner

Regardless of whether your bandsaw will be cutting sponge material, upholstery cushions, foam mattresses, foam insulation, foam tape or virtually any other kind of foam, we can accommodate your needs. Past customers have cut viscoelastic foam (memory foam), resilient urethane, and aerogel with our saws. We look forward to hearing what challenges you need us to address.

Tell us what kind of foam you need to cut, the size of the material you’re working with, and any other relevant factors.  Most of our off-the-shelf models are designed to handle low to medium-density materials such as foam or insulation. But if you don’t see quite what you’re looking for, we can customize a foam cutting bandsaw capable of meeting your needs with up-to-date features for your safety and convenience.  If you’re still not convinced, take a look at our memory foam test cut demo video to see the quality of cuts our saws can produce. 

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