From fuel cell plates to EDM tooling and molds used in foundries, graphite has applications across a wide array of industrial uses and needs to be handled properly in order to minimize material waste and maximize production efficiency. Graphite cutting with bandsaws is one of the fastest ways to produce uniform pieces with tight tolerances and the utmost in quality when producing components made from this unique material.

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Recommended Band Saw

One of the off-the-shelf models we recommend for cutting graphite is the Forrest Model 236 Heavy vertical blade, traveling-table bandsaw.  In most cases, a bandsaw blade should be able to cut graphite precisely and smoothly enough to eliminate any secondary operations such as grinding. The ideal cutting speed for this bandsaw model is 0.07 inches per second; much faster and the quality of the cut begins to be degraded, along with causing the motor to begin to drag. If faster speeds are needed, a higher horsepower motor is a better choice.

Our Saws are Fully Customizable for Your Needs

Is your application unique? While Forrest takes pride in making a range of saws with many options that are ready to purchase immediately, our band and block saw models can be designed and modified to the exact specifications our customers need. With just a quick phone call or email, we can determine easily if one of our off-the-shelf models is the best fit or if a more customized configuration is most appropriate for you, given the quantity and variety of cutting needs you have.

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