Horizontal Bandsaw Differences


 Below is a comparison of our Horizontal Bandsaw models, to help you choose which model is best for your application.

Model 480

  • Also considered a horizontal block saw
  • Designed to cut sheets of material off of larger blocks of material
  • Optimal for cutting insulation materials, rigid foams - low/medium density materials
  • Support of up to 1" wide blades
  • 2 Hp 3 phase motor

Model 480i

  • Bandsaw head height is manually adjustable
  • Designed to cut sheets of material from blocks of larger material
  • Ideal for cutting plastic insulation materials and rigid foams (low/medium density materials)
  • 2 Hp phase motor
  • Support for up to 1" wide blades

Model 530

  • Also considered an insulation bandsaw
  • Designed to split blankets of insulation material
  • Able to handle rolls of material up to 6' wide and 4" thick
  • Custom built to order
  • Designed to make parallel and angled cuts on low to medium density materials such as: insulation, rigid foams and plastics
  • Both saw heads have the ability to tilt from vertical to 45 degrees
  • Space between blades is adjustable
  • 14" diameter blade wheels
  • Support for up to 3/4" wide blades


  • Designed to cut sheets off of large blocks of materials including: urethane and balsa (medium density materials)
  • Completely automatic
  • 30" diameter blade wheels
  • Support of up to 1 1/2" wide blades

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