Horizontal Saw Model 480i


This horizontal bandsaw is for cutting sheets from blocks of material or other workpieces. The bandsaw head height is manually adjustable. The table includes a variable speed traverse mechanism with independent speed controls for forward and reverse motion. The table can be adjusted from 0 to 48 inches which provides nice flexibility when cutting large sheets. This bandsaw works best with plastic insulation materials, rigid foams, and other low and medium density materials.

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Horizontal Bandsaw Model 480i

Horizontal Bandsaw Model 480i

Model 480i intro and test cut


480i Vac Test Cut


Demonstration of the Forrest Manufacturing 480i large table with vacuum cups

Model 480iPL Demo Cuts


Demonstration of the Forrest Manufacturing Model 480iPL horizontal blade traveling table bandsaw

Model 480i Demo For Bathtubs & Spa


Demonstration of Forrest Manufacturing Model 480i cutting the front skirt and supporting feet on a bathtub. The Model 480i can be used to cut through bathtub bases, shower bases, and shower pans. 


  • Blade height above table adjusts from 0 to 48 inches.
  • Table size 50” wide x 96” long.
  • 54 inches between blade guides.
  • 2 Hp 3 phase 230 or 460 volt brake motor controlled with a magnetic starter.
  • Cast aluminum 20 inch diameter wheels with vulcanized rubber tires.
  • 3000 feet per minute blade speed.
  • Carry up to 1” wide blades, either hook tooth or knife edge style.
  • Roller type blade guides give accurate cuts with all blade types.
  • Screw over spring blade tensioning.
  • Highly effective dust collection ports for use with separate dust collection system.

Available Options

  • Larger horsepower and variable speed drive motors.
  • Custom head and table dimensions.
  • Powered head raise-lower mechanism with electronic digital readout.
  • Carbide blade guides for cutting sticky materials.

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