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The Horizontal Band Saw Model 530sometimes referred to as an insulation bandsaw, is specifically designed to horizontally split blankets of insulation material into two separate blankets of any arbitrary thickness, and recoil the two blankets. The Model 530 is the perfect horizontal bandsaw for any type of insulation material you need cut. From rigid foam, to fiberglass to wool, the Model 530 can cut insulation material with extreme precision. The basic unit is designed to work with rolls of material up to 6 foot wide and 4 inches thick uncompressed. Each unit is built to the customer’s requirements, and larger capacities are available both in width and thickness.

Each Model 530 is built to order for the customer’s specific requirements. Please call Forrest to discuss your specific application.

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The Blanket Splitting Saw

The Blanket Splitting Saw

Industrial Bandsaws and Metal Working Equipment for Industry


  • Material feed cradle supports the uncut roll on bearing mounted rollers.
  • Blanket support table underneath the saw blade includes powered rollers to ease loading.
  • Overrun clutch on table rollers to prevent excess drag on take-up spools.
  • Adjustable height roller surfaced hold down platen mounted above the saw blade assures cut is accurately located in the blanket.
  • Variable speed take-up spools pull blanket through saw.
  • Differential drive system assures both upper and lower take-up spools keep material pulled taut, regardless of the thickness of the two split blanket halves.
  • Brake motor, magnetic starter, and full set of guards for operator safety.

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