LaserGuideline Accessory


Bandsaw Laser Guideline Light

The bandsaw laser guideline light is an accessory for Forrest vertical bandsaws made to improve cut accuracy and productivity.

How does the Bandsaw Laser Guide work?

The Bandsaw Laswer Guideline Light can improve cut accuracy by casting a bright red line on the workpiece where the blade will pass through the material. The light mounts above the top wheel cabinet on an adjustable bracket. Once properly adjusted the light casts a line of bright red light on the workpiece. Just move the workpiece until the light shines on the part where you want to cut the part, slide the table forwards, and you have exactly the cut you wanted, faster and easier than measuring or eyeballing the cut. The laser line doubles as a safety feature, warning the operator if his hand is in the cut path.

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Laser Guideline Accessory

Laser Guideline Accessory


Bandsaw Laser Guideline Light Features

  • 1mW diode laser projects a line which is visible on matte black surfaces up to 12 feet away under normal indoor lighting. Line is 1/32" wide.
  • Available installed on new equipment or as a retrofit kit.
  • Operates on single phase current.
  • Spherical mounting bracket makes initial adjustment simple.

Bandsaw LaserGuideline Demonstration


Demonstration for the Forrest Manufacturing Bandsaw Laser Guideline Accessory

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