Multi BladeBandsaw Model 106


The Multi Blade Bandsaw Model 106 was originally designed to make parallel cuts on a radius as required for tank and vessel insulation. The distance between the two parallel blades and the center of rotation of the workpiece are adjustable to allow the creation of a broad range of sizes of segmented rings.

General industrial customers have found other uses for the adjustable closely spaced vertical blades of the Model 106 curved sidewall segment bandsaw. Please call our applications engineers to discuss your specific application.

Bandsaw model 106 application examples

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Multi-Blade Saw Model 106

Multi-Blade Saw Model 106

Industrial Bandsaws and Metal Working Equipment for Indusry

Model 106Demo Video


Demonstration of the Forrest Manufacturing Model 106 Double Blade cutting half round


  • Curved sidewall segment fixtures for inner radius cuts from 10 to 120 inches.
  • Pipe covering segments from 2-1/2 IPS to 54 inch.
  • Maximum segment length 40 inches.
  • Vacuum and mechanical work holding mandrels for pipe covering.
  • 2 each 2 Hp brake motors (3/60/230-460 volts).
  • Multiple dust collection points for collecting insulation dust.

Available Options

  • Custom sized mandrels.
  • Custom gauging systems
  • Small diameter curved sidewall segment fixture
  • Non-standard electrical requirements
  • Model 989 Dust Collection System

Shipping Information

  • Weight, Standard: 2,150 pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions: 60” W x 144” L x 54” H

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