Plastic Cutting Bandsaw


Plastic Cutting Bandsaw

If you’re a manufacturer working with thermoformed and vacuum formed parts, then take a look at our selection. The bandsaw approach can increase your quality and decrease the scrap rate as compared to manual techniques. But since our start more than 50 years ago, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality bandsaws, particularly for low or medium density materials. Not all saws are alike, and you need the right saw for the job. This is why we manufacture an array of plastic cutting bandsaws including thermoformed signs and large LDPE or HDPE injection molded parts.

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Vacuum Cup Table

Our Bandsaws best for plastic cutting are designed for cutting sheets from blocks of material or other workpieces and come with a variety of features, such as:

  • The thermoformed plastic cutting bandsaw head height is manually adjustable
  • The table includes a variable speed traverse mechanism with independent speed controls for forward and reverse motion
  • The table can be adjusted from 0 to 48 inches which provides nice flexibility when cutting large sheets

In addition, we’re happy to perform test cuts to discover the optimal saw blade for your needs.

Customization Services

The Horizontal Saw Model 480i is optimized for cutting plastic insulation materials and other low and medium density materials. We also specialize in our customization services. We will work with you to figure out the type of thermoformed plastic cutting bandsaw and blade you need or if one of our basic bandsaws is sufficient for your plastic cutting operation. All our basic models can be customized to accommodate your operation.

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