PrecisionBandsaw Fence


What is a Precision Bandsaw Fence?

A precision bandsaw fence increases the usefulness of Forrest Mfg. saws by serving as a rip guide, precision workpiece positioning tool, and squaring tool. The industrial bandsaw fence is available as an option on all vertical bandsaws. The fence will improve your accuracy when making cuts and will greatly speed up production when making multiple cuts to the same setting.

How Does a Bandsaw Fence Work?

The industrial bandsaw fence is moved by turning a handwheel. The motion of the table is synchronized with gear racks on both ends of the bandsaw fence, guaranteeing smooth, accurate and square motion of the band saw fence. Available as an option is an Electronic Digital Readout. This readout will show the distance from the fence face to the blade in inches or millimeters. It can also be programmed to show offset distance from the last cut.

The standard precision fence includes an 8 inch high, painted steel face. Other options include larger bandsaw fence faces, aluminum or stainless steel faces, or special bandsaw fence faces such as one covered with vacuum cups.

A precision bandsaw fence is a common and versatile attachment for locating a workpiece on a bandsaw. For other applications, special workholding fixtures may be necessary.

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Precision Bandsaw Fence

Precision Bandsaw Fence

Bandsaw PrecisionFence Demonstration


Demonstration of the Forrest Manufacturing Precision Bandsaw Fence

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