Roll Cutting Saw Model 236R


What is the Roll-In bandsaw Model 236R?

The Roll-In Bandsaw Model 236R is a special-purpose bandsaw designed to cut rolls of material. Typical materials include fiber insulation, packing materials, and woven and on-woven fabrics.

The Model 236R Roll-In Bandsaw is a vertical blade machine with a moving table. On the table is a mounted V-cradle made from a pair of roller conveyors. This allows for easy positioning of large or heavy rolls.

The table also includes our precision workpiece positioning fence to accurately and quickly set the length of the piece to be cut from the parent roll.

You can also unbolt and remove the positioning fence to use the Roll-In Bandsaw Model 236R as a typical vertical blade traveling table bandsaw.

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Roll Cutting Saw Model 236R

Roll Cutting Saw Model 236R


Industrial Bandsaws and Metal Working Equipment for Industry

Model 236R Introduction



  • Roller V Cradle for up to 28 inch diameter rolls
  • Fence position adjustable from zero to 37 inches from  blade
  • 2 Hp 3 phase 230 or 460 volt brake motor controlled with a magnetic starter
  • 3000 feet per minute blade speed
  • Supports up to 3/4 inch wide blades, either hook tooth or knife edge style
  • 55 inch table travel and maximum working blade length of 36 inches
  • Roller style bade guides
  • Pneumatic blade tensioning
  • Multiple dust collection points
  • Rack and Pinion assisted guide post

Available Options

  • Larger Horsepower and variable speed drive motors.
  • Electronic Readout for fence position
  • Remote Start/Stop stations.
  • Larger size table and height
  • Model 989 Dust Collection System
  • Laser guideline light
  • Upgraded controls including blade breakage detector
  • Powered table drive

Shipping Information

Ships in 2 Crates
82 x 58 x 99 inches tall1,100 lbs
95 87 x 33 inches tall840 lbs

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