Rubber Cutting Bandsaw


Rubber Cutting Bandsaw

If you’re a manufacturer working with rubber and are having trouble finding the right bandsaw, then take a look at our selection. Since our start more than 50 years ago, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality band saws, particularly for low or medium-density materials.  Not all saws are alike, and you need the right saw for the job, which is why we manufacture an array, including rubber cutting bandsaws.

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Types of Bandsaw Blades

Rubber products are variable in density and require different blade types. We can provide knife-style “slicing” blades which will make clean cuts through softer material without tearing or pulling. For harder types of rubber that are more conventional, “cutting” blades with hooked or v-shaped teeth may be needed. Dust collection features are important on a rubber cutting bandsaw as rubber dust can damage electric motors.  A low friction blade is also important, to prevent melting of the material as you cut.

Customizing Your Bandsaw

Not only do we have an array of off-the-shelf models, but we can also customize our models. Even if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can customize a rubber cutting bandsaw capable of meeting your needs whether you’re a small shop doing piece work or a large operation turning out continuous, repeatable work. No matter the application, our customers always receive the same high-quality work. 

Partner With Us

If you’re having trouble sorting through the technical details of which rubber cutting bandsaw will suit your project best, just contact us. We’re always happy to help potential and current customers get the most out of our saws. Tell us what kind of rubber you need to cut, the size of the stock material you’re cutting, and any other relevant factors.

Partner with Forrest as your rubber cutting bandsaw manufacturer and contact us today!

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