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The Model 2214 tilt head bandsaw is designed to make parallel and angled cuts in low and medium density materials such as insulation, rigid foams, and plastics. The Model 2214 is a Double Blade Tilting Bandsaw and Forrest Mfg. is the only company in the world with this kind of saw. The distance between the two blades and the angle of each blade are manually adjustable. Workpieces are loaded onto the insulation bandsaw's moving table or the guide rails and pushed between the two saws to make rapid and precise parallel or beveled trim cuts.

Each saw head can be tilted from vertical to 45 degrees, allowing for an included angle between the blades of 90 degrees.

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Model 2214

Model 2214

Model 2214 OverviewDouble Blade Bandsaw


Demonstration of the Forrest Manufacturing Model 2214 double bladed trim and beveling saw


  • Each saw angle independently adjustable from vertical to 45 degrees off vertical.
  • Spacing between saws adjustable from 0 to 48 inches.
  • Convenient handwheel adjustment of head tilt allow operator to move from vertical to fully tilted in seconds.
  • Saw position adjusted with smooth rolling and locking carriage for easy positioning.
  • Bearing mounted traveling table for working with single or heavy workpieces.
  • Guides and rails for continuous cutting.
  • Electronic tilt meters for quick and accurate setting of saw angles.
  • Saws use 14 inch diameter blade wheels and can carry up to a 3/4 inch wide blade.
  • Maximum distance between table surface and upper blade guide (max working blade length) 28 inches. Max clearance inside saw heads 13-1/2 inch.
  • Each saw powered by a 1 Hp brake motor. Single and three phase motors available.
  • Custom sized version available, including special workholding fixtures and increased adjustment ranges.

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