Tilting HeadSaw Model B2


What is the Model B2 Tilting Head Bandsaw?

The Model B2 Tilting Head Saw is a medium-sized, high-speed bandsaw designed for cutting light and medium density materials such as insulation materials, rigid foams, honeycomb materials, and many other industrial materials.

As with all Forrest equipment, the Tilting Head Bandsaw Model B2 is built to be rugged, reliable, and simple to maintain, providing decades of trouble-free service. Contact Forrest to learn more!

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Tilting Head Saw Model B2

Tilting Head Saw Model B2

Industrial Bandsaws and Metal Working Equipment for Industry

Bandsaw Model B2 Tilting Demonstration


Demonstration of the Forrest Manufacturing Model B2 Tilting Head Bandsaw


  • 14” blade wheels support up to 3/4” wide cutting or slicing type blades.
  • Saw start/stop buttons conveniently mounted on table with e-stop on back of machine.
  • 1-1/2 Hp single phase brake motor operates on common 115 or 230 power.
  • Blade tilts from vertical to 45 degrees.
  • Tilt function is motorized with control button conveniently mounted on table.
  • Bearing mounted rolling table. Table length is 68 inches, travel is 56 inches.
  • Electronic digital angle display
  • Adapter for dust collection system mounted below table. 

Available Options

  • Insulation fittings fabrications fixtures to speed production of elbows and tees. 
  • Workpiece positioning fence. 
  • Extended table stroke.
  • Non-standard electrical requirements.
  • Model 989 Dust Collection System.

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